Friday, August 5, 2011

The Litany Against Fear Gets a Little Calmer, Maybe

First, an update on the link litany. It's spreading nearly as rapidly as the original news on our debt rating that the White House challenged Standard & Poor's attempt to downgrade our rating. As I type, it still might happen. But consider this: when S&P admits it was off in its calculations by several trillion dollars, how much worse have the armchair analyses of the debt ceiling bill been? Especially if they claim the sky was going to fall and we were doomed to austerity measures to make Greece look like Dubai?

Yes, I know, nobody specifically said that AFAIK. From the volume of the screaming, you'd think we were going to kill every social program instituted since Calvin Coolidge and kick a few kittens while we were at it. No, really. When I was told Obama specifically designed the bill to fall on the backs of the working class, I knew the height of the self-inflicted fear in some spaces had reached epic proportions.

I would also note that if Obama is a lap dog of the rich and caves to their interests, challenging S&P would be utterly out of character. The ultra-rich funding the Tea Party and thus the GOP want this to happen. He's fighting it tooth and nail with all he has that doesn't involve procedural nuclear weapons.

Which reminds me. Those of you still claiming he should've invoked the 14th Amendment and sparked a call for his impeachment should show your work on the following question: how would Obama and Congress have even a ghost of a chance of finding their way to keeping the economy from sinking like a stone if they're busy putting and being the President on trial for the crime of giving a damn?

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