Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Brief Summary of the Republican Field, Aug 2011

A moment of perspective on the upcoming Presidential race, if I may, complete with admittedly biased nicknames.

So we have Rick “Jesus Loves Me Best” Perry, Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann, Mitt “Flip-Flopping’s for Amateurs” Romney, Newt “Who?” Gingrich, Herman “Pizza Token” Cain and Rick “Don’t Google” Santorum keeping ahead of Sarah “Half-Term” Palin for the chance to face Barack "Did ANYONE Notice My Campaign Promises Besides Me?" Obama in the elections next year.

Sweet Jesus, even the average pre-neo-con Republican has to see sticking to the current lead horse is better than voting for any of those southbound ends. Why the "Primary Obama" movement even exists is one for its members to reflect on. I'm siding with the folks who see the soft racism in it. They sure as hell weren't this bent on primarying Clinton when he was really being a Republican in Democrat's clothing.

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